2019 - Counter Balance, ArtCan Open, Trinity Art Gallery,  Poplar London

2019 - Recreational Grounds, Elephant and Castle

2019 - Hackney WIcked, Hackney Wick

2018 – Collisioning, Art Space, Porto Portugal

2018 – Passagem, Porto Portugal

2018 – Sculptural, Grand Parade Brighton

 2018 – Project Space, Baker Street Brighton

 2017 - In Between, North Gallery, Universty of Brighton,

2016 - Chance 27, Baker Street, Brighton

2015 - What Now, Foundation, London, Leyton Sixth Form College,

2015 - Summer School, London, Central Saint Martins

2014 - Illusions, London, Essex road,


2012-2014 Level 3 Art & Design Diploma Leyton SIxth Form

2014-2015 Foundation in Art & Design, Leyton Sixth Form

2014 Fine Art Summer School, Central Saint Martins

2015-2018 BA Fine Art Sculpture University Of Brighton



Gabriela focuses on finding the balance both in sculpture and painting by juxtaposing different aspects of the functional and the non-functional, using the materials of construction, the idea of making, and being careful about the history of things. Her interests in urban environments versus the artistic use of materiality are usually starting points often leading to re-construction of the works. Choosing raw, untouched materials rather than transforming its shapes or forms interested in creating an interplay between elements as they are, there is no modification, but the play between them comes back to the universal struggle of humanity against gravity— which has been a continuing preoccupation in her practice. The work continues to maintain traces of performativity within its objects and looking at how its changeable state might affect the structure.

The paradox of insignificance of concluded outcomes, emphasizing the initial thought process behind making the artwork, entails the performativity It is rather about processes of making the artwork than the proposed outcome, series of material and visual aporias.  Creating tension to test the relationship between antagonistic materials; to explore the very notions of activity and rest, contemporary context and permanence.


Gabriela’s practice questions the way in which we recognize and relate visually to the proposed moments of finding balance and working systems of geometry resulting in static, spatial and abstract forms, a cross between constructivist experiment, sculpture and drawing. The assemblage of contrasting relations is taking the correspondence between form and content to its limit, to bring out structural disposition of materials and surfaces.

Resistance force dynamism of asymmetrical chaos linked by forces that neutralise one another; their activity is constant and constitutive on their symbolic languages which are entailing the possibility of a harmonious balance or disarray; the use of peripheral routes in order to define architectural space and the presence of objects.

Disposition of things producing hybrid systems that respond to structural intuitions; technique unfolds itself as a poetic dimension.  materials, their origin, symbolic value and their formal characteristics are elements that take great significance; industrial materials interact with organic raw materials.

The artist intends to provide visibility to the physical processes that are required for things to maintain their shape and occupy space in a specific manner. these paradoxes permit the coexistence of frailty and resistance, rest and tension, geometric order and random chaos.


©2019 Gabriela Pelczarska

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